What I provide

What are you paying for?

What I provide is something different to what many other companies provide.

I will break down the language to explain what it is that is being provided. I will help you understand what it is that is on the table. I want you to understand the terminology as much as understand what the end product will be like too.

The costs are broken down into four sections: Domain Name, Hosting, Template and Labour. I will go into details of what these are.

What you see here is what you get
What you see here is what you get

Domain Name

This is the website address that you will own (renewable each year). For example, the domain name for this website is richardlord.online This name is what your customers will type in to get to your website directly.

Domain names are bought and last for one year before a renewal fee is due. Without the domain name being renewed, you will lose the domain name and someone else may choose to buy it instead.

You can different suffixes at the end of domain names. The most popular of these are .com .co.uk and .net – these cost different amounts to buy each year. You will have to decide if you want to have a .com or a .co.uk or a .net or whatever else at the end of your domain name. Other suffixes are available on demand though if another company are already using it you won’t be able to buy it. I can explain more about this should you need me to.

  • Domain names cost between £10 and £40, mostly around the £10-£15 mark and are annual costs.


Your website has to live somewhere. Hosting is where your site lives. Imagine that you have a letter with your name on. That is the equivalent of your domain name. The internet needs to know where to find you or your domain name. To do this, each domain name is mapped to a hosting address.

Hosting space is provided by different large servers in data centres in the UK. They operate so that smaller organisations don’t have all the server management difficulties that they used to have back in the day. These hosting companies are using what you may know as Cloud Hosting.

It isn’t a big fluffy cloud in the sky where your data will live, but it is in one of these large servers in a UK data centre. Not as exciting as thinking of your data is in a fluffy cloud, but the principle is that your data is accessible by you anywhere and not just in your office or premises.

  • Hosting costs £30 per year and is an annual cost.
Cloud hosting
Cloud hosting


Nearly 60% of all Content Management System (CMS) websites use a programme called WordPress. A CMS is a type of application that is used to create and display digital content, effectively your website.

On WordPress, website designers can use templates to structure the format of their website to ensure that the same design techniques are used across the whole of the site. This is effectively so that the same fonts, colours, shapes, and style is used across all of the site so that conformity is aligned across the site.

There is a range of templates available to buy as extras which will help make your site display in a better format, to meet your requirements and any corporate style guides too.

We will work together to choose the right template for you so that the website will look and feel the way you expect it to when you go live with it.

  • Templates cost approximately £50-£60 as a one-off cost.


This is the amount of money that I get for project managing the build, sourcing the widgets to piece the website together, building the site, and for inputting the content for you so that your website looks just as you require.

  • For a standard build, labour will cost £100 as a one-off cost.