Look up

Look up

Look up from your phone. Look at what is around you. Look away from your computer screen. Look at what is in your view. Look away from your technology. Look […]

Bath Half Marathon 2013

Race number 86 / half marathon number 20

Keep on running! Tomorrow will be my 86th race since I started running nearly five years ago. I may only have averaged 7 miles a week since completing the Manchester […]

iPhone notifications

Turn off your email notifications today!

Urgent notification! How many times in an average day do I look at my phone because there has been a notification about an email? Is it an important email? Does it […]

Why you should buy from small businesses

We want it cheap or preferably for free

This is the mindset of many people nowadays – they want everything cheap or preferably for free. It is contradictory though and I don’t think it is very well thought […]


Substance doesn’t matter

What people write isn’t fact checked too closely nowadays I see a worrying world that is not far away, it may even be here already. A world where substance doesn’t […]

Susan Boyle

I dreamed a dream

In 2009, a lady walked on stage at a Britain’s Got Talent audition. That lady was Susan Boyle. People didn’t believe in her, they judged her before she showed her […]

In the public interest?

Does the media today give us too much information?  Today’s press in Britain tells us lots of things, way much more than they used to. It is partly due to […]