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I am changing the way I see social media. How we handle the data that we offer into the open world and commercial business is important. The choices we make need to be measured, thought out, and smart. Many choose to be totally open about everything

Four years on! [caption id="attachment_2723" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Four candles for four years of running my blog[/caption] Four years ago I wrote my first blog post. I had started up a site called Run Rich Run where I wrote about running, getting started running and motivating posts for

Can you be a politician with religious or personal beliefs? The former leader of the Liberal Democrats Tim Farron resigned due to conflicts with leading a 'progressive, liberal party' and his own Christian beliefs. He said in his resignation speech that 'to be a political leader

What makes a good manager? What makes a bad manager? Many managers are very busy. Many managers have a lot to do in not much time. Many managers have a lot on their plate. Good managers realise that the staff in their team can help. A

Our identity as a person is very often linked closely to our job title. This is Miss Jones, she is a solicitor. This is Mr Smith, he is an accountant. This is Mr Khan, he is a social worker. This is Mrs Robins, she works in a call centre.

Reading the @facebook timeline at the moment is like reading the paper copy of a regional newspaper. Everything seems to be from three or four days ago! #facebooktimeline — Richard Lord Online (@RichardLord_OL) January 17, 2018

Glasshoughton railway station in the snow. #glasshoughton #snow #railway #nofilter #yorkshire A post shared by Richard Lord Online (@richardlordonline) on Jan 16, 2018 at 12:35pm PST

Who rules the tech roost right now? The biggest companies in the world now are all tech companies: Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook 2018 They between them know pretty much everything about most people. They know what you want. They know where you are. They know who you know.